About Amanda


My name is Amanda and I’m currently a high school student. Carefully grounded in California, where there’s never Christmas snow, I’ve grown up around people from many different walks of life. I’d like to say I’m different, but everyone thinks they are and if everyone is the same kind of different doesn’t that make us all normal? If I had my 15 seconds of fame and people who were close to me were being interviewed, I’d like to think they’d sum up my overall passionate, happy demeanor. I guess I’m the typical teenager. Like a million other self-proclaimed hipsters; I own a DSLR, like to dabble in photography, and I’ve played guitar for 8 years. I like to sing in the shower but hum when I can hear somebody on the other side of the wall. I jump at the sound airplane toilets make when you flush (it sounds like a thousand gazelles rushing away). I love it when I come home and my dog is waiting for me at the door. I like the feeling of writing with a super sharp pencil. Road trips, wet pavement, the perfect breeze, and the start of a longly anticipated concert make me feel giddy. I love the highly anticipated first hugs you exchange with someone you really like, the jump in your stomach when you do something stupid in front of them, or that one joke that has you and your friends smirking for years. I tend to spread myself super thin, making promises I can’t keep. I hate letting people down. I like airports, you can read the life stories off of people’s faces. I also like to talk and talk and talk. I talk pretty fast and tend not to shut up once I start going if I’m really passionate about it. Whew. Before I knew it, I probably scared away half of the people reading through my essay. I just love to talk. Anyway, this is my blog- Dear Cameron 2.0. I outgrew the first version which had been up for almost two years and did my best to start over. It just didn’t fit who I was anymore and wasn’t a comfort anymore… It was more like a burden to update. High school is whizzing by fast and I still have no clue who and what I want to be. I know what I stand for, but can’t choose my battle ground.  I’m growing up, and as scary as that is… I think I’m enjoying it.



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