Midnight Muddled Minds

I’m young. Up until a while ago, my only example of love was the Hollywood chrome definition and my parents. I want to say I’ve dived in head first… But contrary to my belief some assure me I’ve only tasted a morsel of its warmth.

To love someone is scary. To have unrequited crushes is honestly a little pinch compared to many of love’s struggles… I really shouldn’t talk- I’m still in high school. The little licks of fire I’m getting from feuds, struggles, or talks leave me up all night. Blogging at midnight is pathetic, at least in my case I can’t speak for chic Upper East Siders who are too busy socializing amongst other of their breed.

I have always had my heart on my sleeve or in this case my heart in his hands. And that’s scary. To be able to hurt or feel so happy because of another person is terrifying. What I fear the most is the lateral. To have someone else’s emotions played by YOUR strings is truly frightening. The person you care so deeply about has emotions that are subject to your actions. Every step, decision, and/or word I take/make/say affects them. In fact, all my actions and thoughts effect the people around me.

To wrap up this messed up post, quickly written by a nerve wracked, sleep deprived fighter- Be careful out there. I’ve gotten to thinking. And in a world like this, to think a lot creates a dangerously sharp mind.


Always quixotic,


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