We’re Getting Older It Seems

And I’m running out of my dreams…

After two months of living out of a suitcase, I can finally unpack and be at ease at home without another 7 hours on a plane looming over me. There’s one last trip of the summer and I’m not as worried about it, since it’s with the school and some of my favorite people will be there. Fall is coming forward quickly and I can smell it and pick it out in the latest couture. I guess you can say that I’m dreading the start of sleepless nights but looking forward to the thought of a reunion with some endearing and some not so endearing faces. As the years slowly trickle by, I start to wonder what I’m doing with my life. I just don’t see anything worthwhile to pour my efforts into. I want to be happy- if that means being unsuccessful in the eyes of others, I’m all for it.

Always Quixotic,



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