Dress Code Policy

Ever since a not-so-surprising change in my school’s dress code I know, prep schools aren’t that glamorous as Gossip Girl make them out to be, huh?, everyone has been complaining. Tights are now required and are scaring away half the girls into conformity. The other half? Well they’re still looking for a way around it. Loopholes are everywhere, right? Anyway, I feel like I could have some fun with this. If half the girls are going to be wearing these:


I’ll be wearing these:


It may not seem much different to some but in the prep world where shades of gray and encouraged conformity is encouraged, it can be a world of difference. Some prudes out will call me a slut which doesn’t make sense because this is less skin showing than wearing short shorts…. But I don’t really see why. I find these more appealing than their choice and I think it’s my choice. If they want to call me names- I’m all for it.

“People may call me a bitch, but one thing you’ll never hear them call me is a pushover.”

or something like that



Lately, I’ve been really wanting some lace up platform ankle boots but they’re out of style so I can’t find them anywhere but online. I have no idea how I’m going to pair them with my uniform, but I’ll find a way… I always do ;)

Always Quixotic,


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